We understand the green solidarity economy to be a movement to create a new world that puts people and the environment before profit. In our view, true ecological and social sustainability can only be achieved through a movement that effectively responds to the harms caused by the present economy as we use the principles of solidarity to build new social and economic foundations. Thus, we propose a green solidarity economy that effectively addresses social inequality and climate change requires action in three areas:

1.Alternative economics- initiatives, enterprises, trade and finance that privilege community and ecological well being over individual gain (e.g. worker cooperatives, community ownership, fair trade, time-banking, credit unions, community land trusts and commons management, and so on).

2.Resistance and reform – working against environmental degradation, social inequality, and poverty by improving policies around existing system (e.g. living wage ordinances, union contracts, immigration reform, energy policy, progressive taxation, environmental regulation, social welfare programs, and so on).

3.Social Inclusion – efforts to end racism, sexism and other forms of oppression and exclusion (affirmative action and hiring policies, popular education and workshops, and so on).

Worcester SAGE was originally called the Worcester Green Jobs Coalition founded in 2008 with this press conference "Collard Greens for Green Collars" featured above.

Click through a 2 minute visual display of our principles:

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  • ocean power says:

    We were googeling for ocean power and came across your SAGE Principles page. My biggest concern is energy independence, unless we stop climate change the planet is going to be in bad trouble.
    I am surprised engineers are not looking at using more renewables like Ocean Turbines sort of like Crowd Energy. If we dont fix this problem now its going to get out of control.
    Have a nice day, Casacchia

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