This project links up four broad activities in our efforts to help grow a Solidarity Economy in Worcester and beyond: 1) Mapping 2) Organizing, 3) SAGE Conference organizing/promotion, 4) Interviews

1)       Mapping: Create a map for printing and a dynamic map for on-line navigation that illustrates relationships and connections between different aspects of the Solidarity Economy-entities whose missions include: “alternative” economies, political resistance, or social inclusion.

2)       Interviews: Perform qualitative ethnographic research to grow our understandings of Solidarity Economy, build community and cross community relationships, and expand the SAGE Alliance and Conference. Video soundbites and virtual tours of each space is also a possibility.

3)       Community Organizing: Both the process of mapping and the finished map will be integrated into creating the very relationships and connections we are trying to illustrate, thereby grounding the project into the organizing needs and possibilities of communities.

4)       SAGE Conference: Use the map to expand the conference planning coalition, increase attendance, start dialogues and potential projects leading up to the conference, and create compelling, interactive plenary presentations.

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