These are a few of our favorite solidarity resources.

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Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

BALLE is North America’s fastest growing network of socially responsible businesses, comprised of over 80 community networks in 30 U.S. states and Canadian provinces representing over 22,000 independent business members across the U.S. and Canada.  BALLE supports the local, independent businesses which are among our most potent change agents, uniquely prepared to take on the challenges of the twenty-first century with an agility, sense of place, and relationship-based approach other businesses lack. They are more than employers and profit-makers; they are neighbors, community builders and the starting point for social innovation, aligning commerce with the common good and bringing transparency, accountability, and a caring human face to the marketplace.

Community Economies Collective

The goal of the Community Economies Collective is to theorize, discuss, represent and ultimately enact new visions of economy. By making multiple forms of economic life viable options for action, the Collective aims to open the economy to ethical debate and provide a space within which to explore different economic practices and pathways.

Cooperation Works: the Cooperative Development NetworkA national organization of cooperative development centers and practitioners that span the breadth of the United States.  Using innovative strategies and proven business practices, CW Centers provide expertise across all aspects of co-op enterprise development, including feasibility analysis, business plan development, business launch and on-going training for operational success. is an online hub for pooling knowledge and resources on cooperatives. It is a space to collect free information for those interested in cooperatives and where people can build useful educational tools for the co-op community.

Dollars and Sense: Real World Economics

Dollars & Sense publishes economic news and analysis, reports on economic justice activism, primers on economic topics, and critiques of the mainstream media’s coverage of the economy. Readers include professors, students, and activists who value our smart and accessible economic coverage.

Grassroots Economic Organizing

News from the frontlines of economic solidarity and grassroots globalization-from-below.

New Economics Institute

The New Economics Institute, formerly the E.F. Schumacher Society, is working to make the new economics, one which supports people and planet, mainstream in the United States.  Our current economic system is failing in its essential purpose: to provide fulfilling and healthy lives for all people while nurturing the social and natural systems on which the economic system depends. The New Economics Institute is helping people imagine the kind of economy that is designed to enhance human well-being and ecological health.

The US Solidarity Economy Network works to promote alternative economic models based on social and economy democracy, equality in all dimensions, and sustainability. The site has a collection of solidarity economy resources, articles, and news.

U.S. Social Forum

“Another world is possible, another U.S. is necessary.”  Resources from the 2010 U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, MI.


A wealth of online educational materials from the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement in association with the Forum on Social Wealth , the Political Economy Research Institute , and the Center for Popular Economics.  We are a group of faculty, staff, students, and community members committed to educating the public about the economy. Our goal is to promote a national conversation about the question, “What’s the economy for, anyway?” that allows us to see how our country compares with others when it comes to trends in quality of life, social justice and sustainability.


Growing a Green Economy for All: From Green Jobs to Green Ownership
Deborah B. Warren and Steve Dubb

Is Having Access the New Ownership?
Ali Hart

Solidarity Economics: Strategies for Building New Economies from the Bottom-Up and the Inside-Out
Ethan Miller

Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet
Papers and Reports from the U.S. Social Forum 2007
Edited by Jenna Allard, Carl Davidson, and Julie Matthaei




David Harvey outlines the various theories on the cause of the
recent economic crisis and why our system is so fragile.

Watch Fixing the Future on PBS. See more from NOW on PBS.

Watch the full episode. See more NOW on PBS.

The PBS NOW special “Fixing the Future” profiles community pioneers from around the country who are creating the new economy and sustainable ways of living from the ground up.


Agenda for a New Economy
by David C. Korten

Cooperation Works!  How People are Using Cooperative Action to Rebuild Communities and Revitalize the Economy
by E.G. Nadeau and David J. Thompson

Designing the Green Economy: the Postindustrial Alternative to Corporate Globalization
by Brian Milani

For All the People: Uncovering the Hidden History of Cooperation, Cooperative Movements, and Communalism in America
by John Curl

Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina
by Marina Sitrin

No More Throw-Away People: the Co-Production Imperative
by Edgar S. Cahn

Our Word is Our Weapon
Selected writings by Subcomandante Marcos, Juana Ponce de Leon, and Jose Saramago

We Build the Road as We Travel: Mondragon’s Cooperative Social System
by Roy Morrison

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